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Patinos Timing Advance Processor (TAP)

The AEB531 is designed to offer timing advance on vehicles using an alternate fuel such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). The distributor's internal centrifugal and vacuum advance is used the reference to generate a the spark timing curves for both LPG/CNG and gasoline/petrol. The AEB531 is superior to Dual Curve timing recurve products (such as PN 40622, 8795, etc) because the timing advance can customized to the advance requirements of the engine instead of non-adjustable LPG or CNG curves of the Dual Curve products.

The AEB531 uses the coil-loading current from the breaker-points as a reference and saturates the coil with electronically-controlled current, which eliminates wear on the points.  It automatically controls this current to improve performance, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce the risk of backfiring.  Since AEB531 actually DELAYS ignition advance for gasoline/petrol,  ignition timing may be optimized for LPG/CNG while maintaining good performance and fuel economy for gasoline/petrol operation.

The AEB531 is a variable dwell device that has both dwell control and current control circuits, much like the GM HEI and the Ford TFI ignition systems.  Similar to the HEI/TFI module, it supplies full voltage  to the coil, which gives the AEB531 the ability to more fully saturate the coil compared with breaker-points.  Coil saturation depends upon coil resistance and engine speed.


The AEB531 is designed for ignitions that use breaker-point distributors with negative-ground, standalone ignition modules. These ignitions have a dwell length that is less than 80% of the time between spark events.

  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 cylinder engines
  • all breaker-point distributor ignition systems

Not Recommended

  • The AEB531 is NOT recommended for electronic (breaker-less) distributor systems.  Use the AEB526N instead.
  • The AEB531 is NOT recommended for distributor ignition systems that have computer control of the dwell timing (i.e., dwell length longer than 80%).  The AEB549N may be a better TAP for these types of systems.
  • The AEB531 is NOT recommended for distributorless ignition systems.  AEB510N may be a better TAP for these applications.


  • Supply voltage 10 - 14 Vdc
  • Register adjustment allows for infinite adjustment of advance.
  • Uses breaker-points for electronic ignition - no need to upgrade to breakerless distributor.
  • Gasoline/Petrol advance curve remains unchanged but current to coil is now controlled by the AEB531.
  • Emergency bypass plug allows the vehicle to operate in case of damage to the AEB531.
  • Easy DIY installation


  • AEB531 controls coil-loading current in both gasoline and LPG/CNG operation.  Although breaker-points only supply a reference signal to the AEB531, the AEB531 still requires the use of the OEM coil and ballast resistor..
  • Using an AEB531 in a breaker-points ignition system will allow HEI/TFI-type performance without having to retrofit a breakerless (electronic) distributor.  The points will last much longer and maintain the dwell longer with this arrangement.
  • The ignition timing advance may be further optimized for LPG/CNG operation by optimizing the centrifugal and vacuum advances.  The register adjustment then restores for gasoline/petrol operation relative to the optimum alternative fuel advance curve.


The AEB531 TAP delays the gasoline/petrol spark advance.  Therefore to adjust it correctly, proceed as follows:

  • Switch ON the car with CNG/LPG and, by rotating the distributor, adjust the spark advance so as to obtain the maximum performance with CNG/LPG.
  • Shift to GASOLINE/PETROL and, by adjusting the register located next to the AEB531 connector, bring the spark advance to the original OEM value, by checking it with a stroboscopic timing gun.
  • The register adjustment does not modify the one previously made with CNG/LPG.
  • Moreover, we suggest to check the AEB531 installation before the points are cleaned (good contact surfaces) and properly adjusted.  Worn and/or improperly adjusted points can cause poor running or even stalling.
  • With the AEB531, the point contacts do not wear.

Caution: It is crucial that the key-on power supply to the AEB531 receives the full + 12 V.



The DC 40622 will electronically delay the factory set timing signal 15 degrees. The user must mechanically move the distributor timing ahead or advanced 15 degrees. Add 15 degrees to the original factory gasoline set point. With the 15 degree delay for gasoline, the Recurve can then provide timing advance for the higher octane LPG/CNG fuel. At idle on LPG fuel, only 10 degrees (CNG fuel, only 13 degrees) additional advance will appear on your timing device. The other degrees (5 LPG or 2 CNG) of timing are used to compute a smooth, accurate timing for RPM changes. After the (gray wire loop) fuel timing program is set-up and selected. The fuel selector switch will select the proper timing program via the yellow wire.


Timing Advance Processor - Patinos

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