Vapour Injection

For those people wanting to install a custom digital propane VAPOR injection system on their formerly gasoline-carbureted vehicles, aftermarket fuel injection computers (MegaSquirt, FAST, Electromotive, SDS, etc.) may be used to control propane injectors.

Propane injectors consist of 2 separate components: solenoid rails and injector nozzles.  The number of solenoids required on a rail depend upon the configuration of the engine.  For example, V8 engines require 2 sets of 4-solenoid rails.  The size of the engine determines the size of the injector nozzles.  Too large of an injector orifice affects low RPM smoothness and response while too small of an injector orifice reduces maximum power.

Since gaseous fuel engines respond opposite to gasoline engines with respect to fuel mixture, lean fuel mixtures do not have detrimental effects on engine durability.  Overly lean mixtures may result in lean misfires.  Do NOT oversize propane injector orifices!

We only have LPG vapor injection components available.  LPG liquid injection systems are available as complete systems from only a few manufacturers at this time.

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