• SVIS - Dodge 8.0L & 8.3L V10 CNG Kit

“S.V.I.” (Sequential Vapor Injection) SYSTEM - CNG
Bi-Fuel Under-Hood Conversion Kit


  • All Dodge 8.0L V10 fuel injected trucks
  • All Dodge 8.3L V10 fuel injected trucks

General Information

  • Bi-fuel (CNG & gasoline) operation. Can be configured for mono-fuel (CNG-only) operation.
  • High capacity vapor regulator, sized for 8.3L engine.
  • Utilizes OEM fuel control strategies.
  • Transparent Operation
  • Fuel Selector Switch - includes integral fuel level indication and system status.
  • Auto-Switch to gasoline capability when CNG storage “OUT” with operator notification buzzer.
  • Installer must fabricate all chassis mounting hardware
  • All factory engine components remain as per OEM.
  • Fuel tank is not included in this kit.
  • CNG controller fuel map is accessible for fine-tuning the fuel trims.

Components Included in Kit

  • V10-specific CNG fuel system controller
  • V10 CNG injector rails & engine-specific injector nozzles
  • Under-hood wiring harness, automotive OEM quality
  • Injector hoses & clamps
  • CNG regulator
  • CNG high-pressure fuel lock off
  • Universal brackets
  • Fuel Selector Switch, 1" x 1" square, requires 1/2" diameter hole.
  • Fuel pump control module
  • Fuel gauge reset module
  • Water wyes and hose clamps
  • Vapor filter
  • CNG tank sender
  • Combination fuel pressure & temperature sensor
  • Miscellaneous fittings & electrical parts
  • Detailed installation manual
  • Vehicle-specific wiring schematic.


  • 100% of the components that make up each SVIS kit are “SERVICEABLE”. (INCLUDING THE INJECTORS).
  • Extra fuel filtering prolongs maintenance intervals.
  • Free-Of-Charge Technical Support.
  • “ALL IN THE BOX PACKAGING” Concept insures that the system is installed to the highest standards


Technocarb conversions are designed to operate as seamlessly as possible and the operation of a SVIS-converted vehicle is completely transparent to the driver. Bi-fuel conversions are equipped with auto switch-over capability so the vehicle always starts on gasoline and then automatically switch to CNG. This is to ensure that the gasoline system is always operating correctly, and no problems occur when the CNG tank is depleted.

A 1" x 1" Fuel Selector Switch is installed on the dashboard of the vehicle and requires the drilling of a 1/2" diameter hole. A green LED indicator lamp indicates CNG operation while an amber LED indicator lamp shows gasoline operation. Depressing the Fuel Selector Switch's button switches the fuel mode from gasoline to CNG and vise versa. In CNG mode, the system always starts on gasoline and only switches over to CNG when operating parameters are met. The system normally automatically sounds an alarm in the Fuel Selector Switch and switches back when the CNG tank is depleted. The system must then be manually switched to gasoline-operation to clear the alarm.

There is very little maintenance required with a SVIS conversion. The factory recommends replacing the vapor filters every 10,000 miles (16,000 km) . Generally, when there is a problem with CNG operation, it is time to replace the spark plugs and/or ignition wires. Technocarb recommends high quality copper-tipped spark plugs and Aurora ignition wires for optimum ignition system operation.

The CNG fuel system controller is shipped pre-configured from the factory. The system may be fine-tuned with your laptop computer using the SVIS interface cable. SVIS configuration software is available for free download and has limited access for configuring the controller. Full access to the software's features requires the purchase of the USB Configuration Key.

When ordering, be sure to include the following information:

  • Vehicle model year
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Engine size
  • Flex Fuel Capability (e85) - Yes or No

SVIS - Dodge 8.0L & 8.3L V10 CNG Kit

  • Brand: Technocarb
  • Product Code: KIT-INJ-DO80-CNG
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  • $2,805.00