Slant Six Intake Manifold Heater Kit

This product is designed for use with non-EGR Mopar Slant Six intake manifolds, including Offenhauser 1x4bbl (PN 5270) and 2x1bbl (PN 5041) intake manifolds.\

Do NOT order this product if you have a 240/300 inline 6-cylinder Ford engine.  For Ford inline 6-cylinder engines equipped with the Offenhauser 6019DP or Offy 6227C manifolds, order our KIT0008.

Helps fuel distribution and minimizes off-idle bog by restoring a hot spot in the intake manifold floor. This product helps with cold operation even with fully cold water because even cold water will counteract the evaporative cooling effect of vaporizing gasoline.  The heat replaced by the water vaporizes any puddled fuel under the carburetor that has fallen out of the airstream. For Offenhauser dual carburetor intake manifolds, the heater plate fits properly and ensures that each carburetor has its own hotspot.  

We are offering this product as a Basic Kit but a Complete Kit (with silicone hose and gear clamps) and as a Bare Kit with only the plate itself are also available.  We recommend splicing the plate into the return line from the heater core. This ensures that cabin heat is maintained at all times in cold weather.

This plate is machined from 1/2" 6061-T6 aluminum.  It bolts onto the bottom of the Slant Six intake manifold and has a machined-in pocket to match the bottom of the intake manifold.  The pocket positively locates the plate without smearing the silicone seal and ensures that the seal will not blow out.  Straight hose barb adapters (rather than elbows) are provided to ensure that the heater hose clears the exhaust system without any contact.  The plate is equipped with threaded holes so that the plate may be easily installed with 2 hands.  Once snugged-up, the bolts are secured with lock washers and nuts.

The Basic Kit consists of:

  • 3 each of 5/16" nuts, bolts, & washers
  • 2 each of 3/8" NPT x 5/8" hose barb adapters
  • detailed installation instructions

The Complete Kit includes the following additional items:

  • 10' of silicone hose
  • 6 each of 5/8" ET-10 SS Gear Clamps

The Bare Kit consists of ONLY the plate itself.

We recommend the Complete Kit because of the heater's close proximity to the exhaust pipes.  Silicone heater hose will not harden over time and will remain easily removable even after many years of service.  The ET-10 gear clamps have an internal shield to prevent damage to the very pliable hose.

If you require starter solenoid mounting holes when using headers or twin Dutra Duals exhaust manifolds, please contact us to special order this item.

This product does NOT fit EGR-equipped manifolds without extensive modifications.  For newer EGR-equipped intake manifolds, the intake manifold heater may be ordered WITHOUT the pocket.  However, much more care must be taken when installing to ensure good adhesion between the intake manifold base and the heater.  Please contact us for more information.

Intake Manifold Heater Kit - Slant Six

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