Chrysler engineers, in their infinite wisdom, often ran the fuel line from the fuel pump to the carburetor along the front of the engine.  This routing exposed the metal fuel line to the heat pulled by the fan from the radiator.  As a result, the fuel in that section of tubing has a tendency to boil when the engine is shut down in warm weather.

If you try to restart your engine shortly after having just stopped to fill-up, you may find that your engine will start with extreme difficulty.  In this case, the only way to restart it is to continuously crank the engine with the pedal pressed to the floor until it fires.

A solution that many people find to work well is to reroute the fuel line over the top of the valve cover, away from the direct blast of the fan with a length of gasoline hose.  Be sure to at least use fuel-injection gasoline hose meeting SAE 30R9 as described in a Gates technical bulletin 433-0780.  You can easily do this by buying some brake line, cutting it in half and splicing in some gas hose.  A better method is to use the proper flare-to-hose adapters.

Rather than using ordinary gasoline hose, the hose in this kit is Aeroquip's FC332-06 AQP Socketless hose rated at 300°F and 250 psi.  This hose may be assembled without gear clamps if Aeroquip's FC332-fittings are used but these fittings are not required for the ordinary fuel pressures used in carbureted engines.  Weatherhead fittings are used in this kit instead.

Aeroquip's FC332 hose is superior to Gates' #4219 as it has a pressure rating of 250 psi rather than 174 psi.  Both have a temperature rating of 300°F.

NOT included in this kit is the 3/8" fuel filter.  After installing the hose, cut the hose where you want your fuel filter to go.  Always check for leaks as soon as you start your engine.

This kit contains:

  • 4 x 3/8" Hose SS Gear Clamps
  • 3' x FC332-06 Hose
  • 1 x Weatherhead PN 1568 5/16" flare to 3/8" hose adapter (05706B-1568)
  • 1 x Weatherhead PN 1406 90° 5/16" flare to 3/8" hose adapter (05706B-B65)

MoPar Hot Start Fix Kit

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