This is a basic 2bbl carburetor based on a 170 CFM Impco 100 mixer and 1¼" SAE 2bbl throttle body. It can be installed on a 2bbl manifold with 1-7/8" x 3¼" centre-to-centre carb flange bolts. This carburetor kit is suitable for applications with engines nominally rated up to 106 hp.

You assemble this carburetor from the following components:

  • 1 Impco CA100M-4-2 58.7 mm (2-5/16'') Air Horn, Silicone
  • 1 Impco AB1-24-1 Throttle Body Assy, 2bbl, (No flange)
  • 1 Impco T2-11 Flange, 1¼" 2bbl
  • 1 Impco AA3-32-2 Adapter, Throttle body, 200M to CA100
  • 1 Gann 54EN Vapour Elbow, Nylon, 5/8" Hose x ½" MNPT

To make an underhood conversion kit, you must add the BCP-JV Basic Components kit. For conversion that utilizes a 33½ or 43½ lb lift-truck DOT cylinder, order tank kit BCP-DOT.

The 2-5/16" (~58mm) air horn on this carburetor is on the side of the mixer. For an air filter, we recommend using a 2.25" (57mm) air cleaner assembly like the K&N PN RU-1330 or equivalent.

This kit is NOT stocked but and may take several weeks to arrive.

Propane carburetors are not oversized like gasoline carburetors. This carburetor will properly meter fuel to a 134 CID (2.2L) engine up to 5158 RPM. Above this RPM, the engine will simply gradually lose power.

This carburetor kit is suitable for applications such as 2.2L 6-cylinder Unimog vehicles with Zenith 2bbl carburetors.

Model 100 2BBL Carburetor

  • Brand: Impco
  • Product Code: LPGCARB-100-2B
  • Availability: 10
  • $270.00

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