• Vacuum Power Valve

This device was designed to eliminate lean conditions in newer vehicles with large intake manifolds. Lean conditions could potentially result in backfires in the intake manifolds, which could also damage air cleaners and intake gaskets.

The Vacuum Power Valve is a normally open valve installed in the side of an Impco Model E or Model L converter. There are two ports on the VPV and the 5/32" port goes to manifold vacuum. The 1/4" port goes to a base screw in the mixer.

This valve is normally closed at any vacuum above the factory setting of 3" Hg, which includes normal running.  However, when cranking the engine during starting, it acts as a primer. In addition, the VPV also acts a fuel enricher under full throttle when vacuum falls below 3"Hg.

Vacuum Power Valve

  • Brand: Impco
  • Product Code: VPV
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • $40.00