• Red Rooster Road Runner I - CNG

Red Rooster ROAD RUNNER I can substantially reduce diesel fuel costs. Give your diesel engine something to crow about! Fleet managers want to save on diesel fuel and maintenance expenses, drivers want more horsepower, especially when pulling heavy loads; the Red Rooster does it all! Red Rooster’s high-speed microprocessor digitally controls the amount of CNG added. A 90-day fuel consumption analysis completed on a Caterpillar diesel-powered propane bulk truck with the Red Rooster Diesel Economizer showed improvements in diesel fuel mileage from 10% to 25%. CNG results would be similar but higher and the truck would be a lot cheaper to operate because natural gas costs a lot less than diesel.

Many competitive products claim that that propane "enhances the burn" or "more of the existing diesel fuel injected is burned safely". We don't make any such claims because modern diesel engines are already extremely fuel efficient.. All we claim is that, because diesel combustion is very lean, the addition of natural gas consumes some of the excess oxygen in the combustion chamber. This adds power and substitutes natural gas for some of the diesel fuel required to maintain a specific power output. See Diesel Dual-Fuel Systems for more information.

So how do you save money?

An engine requires a lot of fuel to haul a load down the road or to generate power. Let say, for example, you've got a truck that gets 10 mpg (or consumes 10 gallons/100 miles) of diesel. Although the Red Rooster System will slightly improve the thermodynamic efficiency of the engine, just on a energy substitution basis, a diesel dual-fuel CNG system will typically get around 40-45% better diesel mpg. With a conservative 30% energy substitution rate, a 10 mpg truck would be using about 7.0 gallons of diesel and about 3.3 GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalent) of CNG every 100 miles. In terms of DGE (Diesel Gallon Equivalent), you would instead use about 3.0 DGE at a pipeline cost of about $1/DGE. These is a typical example, your results may be different.


  • turbo-charged diesel engines less than 8L of displacement and having up to 30 psi of maximum boost.
  • pickup trucks
  • transport truck tractors
  • construction equipment
  • stationary engines
  • all turbo-diesel vehicles

Benefits of the Red Rooster

  • Reduction in diesel fuel costs
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Increased horsepower
  • Reduced diesel particulate emissions
  • Ease of installation
  • Increased service intervals
  • Less oil dilution
  • Digital electronics
  • Electronic injector block fuel metering
  • Works on any turbocharged diesel engine
  • Adjustable to individual driving styles
  • Computer-controlled fuel delivery
  • Designed to the highest standards and built from the best components in the industry.


  • Natural Gas also changes thermodynamic cycle characteristics of combustion within a diesel engine so that it acts more like an Otto Cycle. Therefore, the combustion of a high octane fuel like natural gas (or propane) improves the fuel efficiency and power of a turbocharged diesel cycle engine.
  • The Red Rooster system has 3 settings in its operation. The first setting is Fuel Pressure, which depends upon the displacement of the engine. When correctly set, the engine will use approximately 3.3 gallons of natural gas (GGE) for every 10 gallons of diesel. The second setting is the Top Adjustment, which is the turbo pressure where the maximum relative amount of natural gas is delivered. The third setting is the ON Setting, which is the starting pressure at which natural gas will be introduced.
  • The fuel delivered between the On Setting and the Top Adjustment is directly proportional to boost pressure. Above the Top Adjustment pressure, fuel delivery remains constant. The Red Rooster does NOT supply fuel at idle.
  • The Red Rooster has an optional Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). This is used to ensure that natural gas injection system is disengaged when the engine retarder brake is engaged.
  • Because the Red Rooster draws gas from the tank, it does not require the engine to reach an operating temperature. Because natural gas is a compressed gas, extreme cold weather operation does not result in any loss of performance.


  • Diesel-CNG dual fuel systems substitute higher priced diesel energy with lower-priced natural gas energy. However, natural gas prices vary greatly, it really pays to look for the lowest price fuel.
  • Only the underhood components are included with this kit. You must supply the cylinder(s), filler valve, fuel lines, etc to complete the installation of this kit.
  • We estimate about 8-10 hours of labour by an experienced technician to install this system. The required CNG tank capacity depends upon available space, the size of your diesel fuel tank, and your system calibration.
  • We do NOT recommend that you put fuel into the tank until it has been inspected and certified by a licensed CNG system installer in your jurisdiction. We require that your installation be approved by a qualified inspector BEFORE you use it.
  • Although the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits manufacturers from disallowing warranties related to vehicle modification by the consumer, the addition of a diesel dual fuel system could potentially result in warranty disputes with the manufacturer. We do not endorse the removal of the Red Rooster System prior to warranty-related service to skirt this issue. If your vehicle is still under warranty, please discuss the installation of this product with your vehicle dealer BEFORE purchasing it.
  • Conservative amounts of natural gas addition will maximize the durability of the engine. If a little is good, more is NOT necessarily better. Excessive injection rates of supplemental natural gas can potentially cause engine failure because natural gas' critical compression ratio is lower than the static compression ratio of typical diesel engines.

Red Rooster Road Runner I - CNG

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