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Have a diesel but the cost of fuel is cutting into your bottom line? Look no further than the EcoDiesel System! Technocarb has developed a state-of-the-art dual fuel system for diesel engines that can substantially reduce your fuel costs by substituting low cost propane for high cost diesel. Your savings will vary with the cost of fuel, your engine, and how you run it.

Many competitive products claim that that propane "enhances the burn" or "more of the existing diesel fuel injected is burned safely". We don't make any such claims because modern diesel engines are already extremely fuel efficient.. All we claim is that, because diesel combustion is very lean, the addition of propane consumes some of the excess oxygen in the combustion chamber. This adds power and substitutes propane for some of the diesel fuel required to maintain a specific power output. See Diesel Dual-Fuel Systems for more information.

So how do you save money?

An engine requires a lot of fuel to haul a load down the road or to generate power. Let say, for example, you've got a truck that gets 10 mpg (or consumes 10 gallons/100 miles) of diesel. Although the EcoDiesel System will slightly improve the thermodynamic efficiency of the engine, just on a energy substitution basis, a diesel dual-fuel system will typically get around 10%-25% better diesel mpg. With a conservative 5:1 diesel-propane set-up, a 10 mpg truck would be using about 8.85 gallons of diesel and about 1.77 gallons of propane every 100 miles. Lightly loaded pickup trucks can use closer to 3:1 diesel-propane, which means a 16 mpg (6.25 gallons/100 miles) truck would be using 5.48 gallons of diesel and about 1.83 gallons of propane every 100 miles. These are a typical examples, your results may be different.


  • pickup trucks
  • transport truck tractors
  • construction equipment
  • stationary engines
  • all turbo-diesel vehicles

EcoDiesel System Benefits

  • Reduction in diesel fuel costs
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Increased horsepower
  • Reduced diesel particulate emissions
  • Ease of installation
  • Longer service intervals
  • Less oil dilution
  • Not driver adjustable -- set it right once and forget it
  • Designed to the highest standards and built from the best components in the industry

EcoDiesel System Features

  • Works on any turbocharged diesel engine
  • Digitally controlled fuel delivery by programmable microprocessor
  • Gaseous fuel specific injectors
  • Processor constantly monitors and adjusts fuel delivery levels and components every few microseconds
  • Monitors LPG pressure
  • Monitors exhaust gas temperature. You have the option of using two EGT sensors for any ‘V" type engine
  • Compact on/off switch includes an integral fuel gauge
  • Draws liquid LPG from the tank, not vapour. The EcoDiesel System just requires a standard liquid withdrawal propane tank
  • The EcoDiesel System’s liquid withdrawal system completely eliminates any possibility engine failure from a slug of liquid entering the diesel induction system
  • Performs in any climate because the EcoDiesel System’s liquid withdrawal system allows the system to operate at full power down to about -15°C (~ 1 bar of tank pressure)
  • Enhances engine brake performance if desired (reduced brake wear)
  • System shuts off gas flow during deceleration & braking
  • Adjustable RPM source (allows many more source point options on engines)
  • Self calibrating TPS low/high feature
  • Designed for use with cruise control
  • Can be installed pre OR post turbocharger
  • When installed post-turbo the EcoDiesel System compensates for turbo boost up to 50 psi
  • System specifically designed for harsh under hood environments
  • All wiring in the EcoDiesel System harnesses utilize weatherproof connections to plug into the ECU
  • Easy-to-install and compact fuel supply venturi
  • The EcoDiesel System's controller is compact and fits easily under the hood

EcoDiesel System Configuration

  • Easy software installation
  • Configuration changes only allowable by authorized personnel through software
  • The EcoDiesel System’s basic fuel map can be set up is set up to maximize fuel economy or power or the best combination of both.
  • The EcoDiesel System’s fuel map can provide higher levels of propane injection at low loads to maximize propane consumption & minimize overall operating costs.
  • "Idle Emissions" mode can be set for maximum emission and particulate reductions at idle speeds if desired (eg: School buses)
  • The EcoDiesel System has a self-calibrating fuel mapping feature
  • The EcoDiesel System’s fuel map allows the system to be custom tailored to prevent detonation at higher power levels.
  • With a fast internet connection and your laptop, the system can be programmed from the factory to anywhere in the world
  • Multistep transition between fuel cell ranger giving seamless transition from cell to cell,
  • VERY accurate fuel mapping possible for special application power band requirements
  • With a Blue Tooth adapter, there is no cable needed for programming
  • Uses "off the shelf" male/male USB cable for programming, no expensive proprietary cable required.
  • Very easy to read "Dash Board" laptop screen layout, VERY useful on a road test with the vehicle bouncing around!
  • Live Data Record/Playback mode, a unique "flight recorder" feature allows multiple data acquisition points for later review/comparison
  • EcoDiesel System controller logs actual vehicle engine run-time and LPG run-time, no questions if system was on or off!
  • Built in fault code (DTC) recorder/display. You can view any current DTC as well as any DTC in log files
  • Resettable "use timer" should actual system usage data be required
  • Log viewer screen display in 1 sec. Increments with multiple overlay input options (mouse point over graph will read instantaneous data at that specific point on the graph)
  • Can be set for US/Imperial or Metric units of measure


  • By carefully monitoring specific engine inputs, propane is injected into the air intake system either pre or post turbocharger (or into the air intake system of a non turbo engine) through our unique venturi adapter at a predetermined engine and vehicle specific rate programmed into our microprocessor.
  • The microprocessor is always in control of the stand-alone system and will shut down and signal the driver if any problem with the engine is detected or in the unlikely event that a component of the EcoDiesel should fail. Now that’s peace of mind!
  • LPG addition also changes thermodynamic cycle characteristics of combustion within a diesel engine so that it acts more like an Otto Cycle. Therefore, the combustion of a high octane fuel like LPG improves the fuel efficiency and power of a turbocharged diesel cycle engine.
  • When LPG is injected into a Diesel engine, it enhances fuel economy and power by making better use of the air it consumes. This results in more much lower harmful emissions, increased power and torque, and the system pays for itself with increases in fuel mileage!
  • Because the EcoDiesel System draws liquid from the tank, it can operate at extremely low temperatures.
  • Because this is a dual fuel system where LPG supplements diesel fuel, running out of LPG will not leave you stranded. Your engine will just automatically switch back to 100% diesel fuel operation.


  • Diesel-propane dual fuel systems substitute higher priced diesel energy with lower-priced propane energy. Because of the difference in energy contents, the price of propane should (ideally) be less than than 65.5% of the price of diesel to conservatively result in a fuel savings.
  • Only the underhood components are included with this kit. You must supply the liquid withdrawal fuel tank, filler valve, hoses, etc to complete the installation of this kit.
  • We estimate about 8-10 hours of labour by an experienced technician to install this system. The required propane tank capacity depends upon available space, the size of your diesel fuel tank, and your system calibration.
  • We do NOT recommend that you put fuel into the tank until it has been inspected and certified by a licensed LPG system installer in your jurisdiction. Please have your installation approved by a qualified inspector before you use it.
  • Although the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits manufacturers from disallowing warranties related to vehicle modification by the consumer, the addition of a diesel dual fuel system could potentially result in warranty disputes with the manufacturer. We do not endorse the removal of the EcoDiesel System prior to warranty-related service to skirt this issue. If your vehicle is still under warranty, please discuss the installation of this product with your vehicle dealer BEFORE purchasing it.
  • Conservative amounts of propane addition will maximize the durability of the engine. If a little is good, more is NOT necessarily better. Anything over a 33% injection rate of supplemental propane can potentially cause engine failure because propane's critical compression ratio is lower than the static compression ratio of typical diesel engines.


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